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Dr. Asanga Wijayaratne,

           Specialist in Human Kinetics and Sports Medical Science obtained his Doctorate as well as the Medical Degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland and his qualification under Human Kinetics and Sports Medical Science regards as the only authority in South Asia.   His professional sports pro states – Soccer, Rugby, Swimming & Cricket in Europe and represented Scotland at National level as player/coach.   He holds 11 professional coaching badges which regards as the most qualified (professional) coach in Sri Lanka.  He has authored specific fitness & wellness books such as Dynamic Fitness & Physical Education for Juniors which were published at the Glasgow City Council, Scotland.

           He was a specialised lecturer in  several Universities and Colleges in the United Kingdom such as University of Loughborough, England and University of Glasgow, College of Anniesland, Cardonalds College, Scotland to name a few.   There are immense medical journal write-ups which were published in the UK by Dr. Wijayaratne under topics such as Human Kinetics, Sports Nutrition, Total Fitness, Exercise Counselling/Psychology.

           He is one of the rare Sri Lankans who have had international audiences of well over half a million people over the past 10 years.     However, it is amazing to recognise such rarerity in Sri Lanka to be also the only specialist in his field who is able to reach to all ages, and backgrounds explaining the most complicated scientific concepts in the most simplified but effective manner, changing lives of thousands and thousands of peoples in Sri Lanka.     Media in Sri Lanka identifies him to be Sri Lanka’s No.1 Fitness Guru.

           As a Sri Lankan, Dr. Wijayaratne is the youngest and possibly the only professional member in Associations/Organisations such as American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Scandinavaian Sports Council, FIFA – Technical Committee, Lothian City Council (Scottish) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).     Dr. Wijayaratne and his team were the pioneers to introduce Scientific Motivational Coaching, Scientific Personal Training, and Scientific Structural Physical Education Syllabuses in Sri Lanka.

His expertise is mainly in ;

Fitness & Wellness

Exercise Counselling & Therapy

Sports Physiology/Psychology

Sports Nutrition

Surgery Recovery, Injury Prevention & Special Needs Training

Physical Education & Scientific Sports Coaching

Human Kinetics & Sports Medical Science

           Fittaclub.Org, Sri Lanka (branch of fittaclub, UK), was established in 2006 and is an organisation primary focused on Education for Fitness & Wellness.   Fittaclub.Org is currently managed by ScottishOrbit Pvt Ltd., and carries out its main objective through community development projects in several locations as well as diverse awareness workshops, lectures and seminars conducted in various locations and institutions throughout the country.     Community development projects (CDPs), are conducted in selected locations around Sri Lanka to create awareness on correct diet/nutrition methods, correct exercise methods and to promote general fitness & wellness concepts among the general public.


           These target all age groups, all backgrounds both Males & Females.    The current CDP coverage is approximately 1000 registered clients and another well over 5000 unregistered clients.   Its interesting to note that ‘fitta’ is not merely a word but stands for one of the most vital elements of scientific fitness, i.e. f – frequency, I – intensity, t – time, t – type, a – action.     The frequency of an exercise (how many reps), the intensity (what weight to go with the exercise), time used for a single workout (how long), type of exercise (eg; cardio, resistance etc.), and the action of the exercise (the way to do it) are key to a successful and beneficial workout.    And that’s what fittaclub focuses on …..  Doing the right thing – the right way!


           ScottishOrbit is a private liability company incorporated in SriLanka (Scottish orbit still has worldwide professional support from UK, Europe and UK institutes) with the primary vision of creating awareness and promoting among the general public, corporates, institutions, schools and individuals, Proper Nutrition, Scientific Dietary Methods, Scientifically accepted Exercise, Fitness & Wellness methods and concepts which would be instrumental in changing lifestlyes positively, enhancing productivity and performance efficiency, etc.   ScottishOrbit promotes wellness concepts and professional structural management concepts in the community (such as Swimming, Cricket, Netball, Badminton, etc., academies, wellness stations, reputed Gyms, etc) apart from Life Coaching & Development, Event Management, HR Recruitment/Outsourcing & Media Promotions/Sponsorships.


           ScottishOrbit pioneers the training & development and the fitness & wellness industries by being the first and only organisation to promote Scientific Fitness & Wellness Concepts which are inline with International Standards.  ScottishOrbit carries out various research on projects/Focus Group Unit in Sri Lanka to ensure high quality standards, innovative and safe fitness and wellness methods.


           With the diverse facilities of Personal Training Units, Gyms and Fitness Programmes in various locations ScottishOrbit has been able to cater to all classes of society, income groups, age groups and specific health and medical groups.


           We consider it a privilege and honour to associate ourselves with the only Human Kinetics & Sports Science Specialist in South Asia, Dr. Asanga Wijayaratne from the University of Glasgow, Scotland who has in addition to his PhD, his Medical degree with extensive years of experience and exposure in Europe as well as other countries.


The GLP Eco Friendly Park has been a haven not only to its numerous visitors but for those fitness freaks who under the guidance of Dr. Asanga Wijayaratne and team have moved from obesity, depression, physical and mental disabilities to totally fit, healthier lifestyles not only among themselves but among their families, friends and relatives.


Currently Total Fitness classes are conducted at the GLP for ladies with weight management, health, arthritis, and other issues.    Apart from the workout at the classes, the weekly diet plan and exercise schedule keeps all attendants fit and healthy.


Total Fitness Programme @ GLP   Every Sunday 4.00-6.00PM

For information on the above classes at GLP or any other programme, kindly contact 0773960051 or 0113076688.

Fitness with Dr.Asanga & the team



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